The Grand Tour at Dickens World


4 stars

What better way to spend Father’s Day than trotting off to Chatham to explore Dickens World?! Easy to find, the shopping park location belies what lies within. The entrance is not that exciting but once you have climbed a few flights of stairs, Dickens World comes to life.

The ‘performing arts tour guides’ are just that and worth every penny of the entrance fee on their own. It is hard to get a balance between giving people an experience from the past coupled with modern-day technology but they manage it well and there were moments you really felt like you were in Victorian times.

The village is brilliantly set up. One main square has various buildings and areas off in all directions. The different shops and locations means there’s something for everyone. It was nice to see a real range of ages and our party that included a teenager, were all suitably amused for the time. The tour ended up lasting nearly two hours, such good value for what the tickets cost.

There are a few things that I did not like – hence the 4* review. Firstly, it is not really baby-friendly unfortunately. I couldn’t find any baby changing/feeding facilities (I did not look in every toilet however) and think the website should maybe point out the difficulties – lots of stairs, the loud film, inaccessible exhibits. I asked advice and was wisely told to bring a baby carrier but the length of the trip makes this an uncomfortable option for parent and child. There were lots of other pushchairs there when we visited but it isn’t ideal. I also found having to exit through the restaurant a little bit odd.

The website does not show the attraction to its best and more photos would show this gem off in a better way. Definitely worth a visit (but leave baby at home, in my opinion…)

Thank you @MrsSardines for your review and to @Dickens_World for the complementary family ticket.

The comments in this review reflect a personal experience. Please visit Dickens World( to make up your own mind!


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