A Magical Adventure at the Enchanted Forest


4 stars

Groombridge Place is a brilliant place to visit! We took our 2 year old son and he loved exploring the grounds – especially the path leading to the Enchanted Forest.


Our visit started with a quick stop in the cafe for some cake. There were a few to choose from and both we had were delicious! The eating area inside is lovely with displays of items that can be bought in the shop. There was more space outside, which is where we imagine most people would eat as there were lots of picnic tables and the views are beautiful! We’d take a picnic with us next time.

The next part of our trip involved a big decision…to get the boat to the bottom of the Enchanted Forest and walk back or vice versa! We decided do the walking first whilst we had enough energy! The walk up through the vineyard and up into the forest is picturesque to say the least. At various points along the journey are exciting things to discover and do including rope walks and a zeedonk.




After a peaceful walk through the trees we entered the Enchanted Forest. Our son was so excited by what waited for him around the trail. We even spotted a deer running through the undergrowth.  So much thought has gone into this area and you can tell it is worth it by the echoing of laughter from children and adults alike as they explore their surroundings.


We did get a little lost in the forest and it would have been nice to have a few more signs as neither my husband nor I are great at map reading!  At the end of our adventure through the forest we found a pirate cove – another brilliant area for children and then we took the boat back to start. It is £1.50 per trip on the boat and we didn’t mind paying, but it would have been nice if perhaps one return trip on the boat was included in the ticket price.

We left the buggy in the car as our son is quite happy to run around and had a good sleep in the car on the way over. You can take buggies with you, but there are certain parts that can’t really be accessed on wheels – we’d recommend using a return boat trip to explore most of the Enchanted Forest .

We had a fantastic time and will definitely visit again. If we lived much closer, we’d be tempted with the annual ticket they offer.

Thank you to Groombridge Place for sending two complementary family tickets. One more review to follow.


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