The Peaceful Beauty of Sissinghurst Castle


5 stars

For going with children 5 +

4 stars

For going with children under 5


Sissinghurst Castle kindly invited a group of parents to come and visit and give some feedback on bringing our children with us. We had a lovely day and would like to start by saying thank you to all the wonderful staff who made us feel so welcome.

We started our visit with a walk down to the lakes. We decided on the scenic route so walked through the formal gardens and out a side gate to the estate walks. If you do come to Sissinghurst with a buggy, you’ll need to leave it at the entrance to the formal gardens. There is a space provided and you can borrow a front or back carrier for your child. You can reach the lake without going through the gardens which would be the best route if you want to keep the buggy with you!


The formal gardens are beautiful and we totally understand why buggies aren’t allowed in here. Some of the pathways are quite narrow so could easily become congested and in fact our children really enjoyed walking around and exploring the garden’s beautiful plants and flowers. They also had fun hiding and running along the tall hedges – they thought this a great game!



As we left the formal gardens and started to walk through the estate there was a wonderful feeling of wild nature at its best. The grass was long either side of the path and the bees were happily collecting pollen. Again, the children loved running through this area. The only problem that arose was the lake at the end of the path! It crept up on us quickly so we had to catch up with the children to make sure they didn’t go in – head first! This is the only real reason it doesn’t get five stars for going with Under 5s. You really do need to watch them when in the estate and by the moat. Once we knew this it was fine – I’d probably pack the reins next time though!

Moat_Sissinghurst_1 (1)

We picnicked by the lake with dragonflies darting around and the bees busying themselves once again. It was a beautiful spot and next time I’d take a picnic blanket to fully enjoy it.




After lunch, we walked back up to the formal gardens (with a quick stop off for some delicious ice cream!) so the children could have another explore. You can borrow telescopes, binoculars, magnifying classes and compasses from the reception – you just need to leave a deposit. These were great to use in the gardens and with older children you could also encompass these with the activity packs you can take from reception. There are three different activities depending on the age of your child.

Sissinghurst Castle is a lovely place to go as a family if you want a day out to explore nature and enjoy the countryside. The formal gardens is a calming and peaceful place to wander around and you can really stretch you legs around the estate walk. If taking younger children just do be aware of the open water! There are lots of events coming up, take a look here.

The comments in this review reflect a personal experience. Please visit Sissinghurst Castle to make up your own mind!



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