What do £30 of biscuits look like?

At the beginning of the month I took the MoneySupermarket Retail Royalty Challenge for Age UK Canterbury.

I was given £30 to spend on items needed by the charity, which in this case was biscuits! Now, as a lover of biscuits, this was pretty perfect! After much shopping around I managed to amass 35 packets/tins/tubs of biscuits in all shapes and sizes:

£30 of biscuitsI really hope that these biscuits go down well!

*UPDATE* A few days after posting this blog I received a lovely email from Sainsbury’s in Canterbury telling me that they would love to support my collection for Age UK Canterbury and would be sending me a £20 gift card to be given to the manager to spend as she saw fit for the centre! Thank you so much for your support Sainsbury’s!

Gift Card

I chose Age UK Canterbury because they offer such great care and support for older people in Canterbury. Have a look at what they offer six days a week, Sunday to Friday.

The services available at the centre:

  • Day Centre
  • Computer lessons
  • Drop in café
  • Grocery shop
  • Collins Unit
  • Dementia Carer Support Worker
  • Keep In Touch calls
  • Handyperson service
  • Hair Dressers and Toenail cutting service
  • Care Navigator service
  • Information and advice

The activities provided:

  • Seated yoga
  • Art group
  • Computer lessons
  • Summer outings
  • Large print library
  • Bingo
  • Seated exercises
  • Themed days
  • Quizzes
  • Singalongs

Would you like to support Age UK Canterbury? There are lots of ways to help from donating to their charity shops, donating through Just Giving, leaving a legacy or volunteering. Click here to find out more.

The biscuit drop off will be happening this week so I’ll update on how well they were received…


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