Are you ready for the Dirty Dozen?!

Obstacle racing is a growing trend throughout the UK, and there’s a new one coming to Kent! Dirty Dozen Races is a new company whose first race will happen on 19th October at The Hop Farm in Kent.

After a recent photo shoot they caught up with a couple of local women who love to push themselves to the limit! Dirty Dozen races have shared their interviews with us at Mumsnet Kent.

Name:- Gemma Littell Age:- 31 Lives:- Kent

Name:- Gemma Littell
Age:- 31
Lives:- Kent

How fit are you? What kind of exercise do you normally do?

I wouldn’t say I am fit, I do a run a little and a Boot camp once a week.

Have you tried Obstacle Racing before?

This will be my first ever obstacle race! I am so excited.

 Why does it appeal to you?

Everyone does the fun runs, races and half marathons I wanted to do something different, something more challenging.

What did you find the hardest on the day of the shoot?

Getting my head around the logistics of getting over the walls.. Once I had done the first one – I was ready for anything.

What did you enjoy the most?

The people, arriving on my own and leaving with numerous new friends.

What surprised you the most?

That I could actually do it – I am small and consider myself weak, who knew that I could (with a little help from my friends) climb over walls, crawl through nets, lay in mud!

What would you say to convince someone else to try it?

The buzz of achieving the obstacles grow after each one… Once I had finished I felt like Super girl, I know now that I can do anything!


dirty dozen 2

Name:- Rebecca Drane
Age:- 29
Lives:- Northfleet in Kent


How fit are you?

I wouldn’t say super fit, but I’ve lost 2 stone since I started training and running in September last year. When I first started running I was really bad, it took me over 50 mins to run 2 miles. Now I run with my dogs tied around my waist and we easily do the 2 miles just under 19mins. The dogs and I have Improved loads! It’s so amazing and rewarding seeing your fitness improve.

Have you tried Obstacle racing before?

My brother and I completed an Obstacle race for the first time in June . The most I had ever ran before this, was 4miles with the dogs! I had to complete 12miles and 25 obstacles! It was the hardest thing I have ever pushed my body through!

Why does it appeal to you?

To have the encouragement from my big brother and friends we made whilst running was amazing! Running on complete empty and just managing to keep going was crazy. But crossing that finish line… I could have cried!

What did you enjoy the most about the shoot?

I’ve have never pushed myself to any sort of limit before. Even today I’m so proud of myself, I was even proud of every bruise, cut, ache and pain! I have told friends and family and now we have got a group of us entering another race in September. After hearing my experience of the race and seeing photos we now have a small group of people who want to try and complete this run as a group and together.

What was the hardest?

As I’m only 5ft, climbing the 12ft wall was the hardest!

What surprised you the most?

Getting up with people’s help was fun, but once you are up there, sitting on the wall, it’s the feeling of…. how am I getting down?! That was harder than getting up there! I enjoyed meeting the other people and coming away with new friends! That’s what I loved the most. Meeting as strangers and then finding out we don’t live that far away from each other.


dirty dozen 3


Fancy a challenge? Visit for more information about the race on 19th October 2013 at the Hop Farm, Kent.


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