This is the tale of a tiny snail…and funny, engaging, family theatre!


We’ve just got back from a wonderful performance of The Snail and the Whale by Tall Stories.

My son loves the story, so when I saw it was on at the Gulbenkian Theatre I booked us tickets.

We’ve been looking forward to it for weeks…and we weren’t disappointed!

From the moment we stepped into the theatre, all three performers were engaging with the audience and putting the children at ease.

Once the performance started, the viola player was able to create a wonderful soundtrack with one instrument – whales, seagulls, thunder and lightning…the list goes on!

The Tall Stories adaptation of the story added a depth to the performance that both the children and adults in the audience could relate to.  It was such an enjoyable experience!

My 2 year old son wanted to tell the performers: “Thank you Snail and Whale, that funny!” High praise indeed!


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