Ashford Town and Around Magazine

Over the coming months, Mumsnet Kent will have a regular feature in the new magazine ‘Ashford Town & Around’.

For those of you who won’t receive a copy of this free magazine, I’ll post the feature here!

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Bedtime Reading

In a recent survey of 2000 parents, it was found that nearly 1 in 6 parents never read a bedtime story to their children and a fifth waited until their child turned two before read their first book to them (Pearson’s Enjoy Reading Campaign). These statistics are so sad as reading with your child is a lovely way to spend time together and a great way to wind down before bed! As a regular part of this feature I’ll be sharing reviews of different books that you can enjoy with your children.

As a child, one of my favourite books was The Tiger Who Came to Tea. Sophie wonders who could be at the door when she hears the bell. After working out who it can’t be, she is surprised when she opens the door to a hungry tiger! The friendly tiger then works his way through all the food and drink in the house… I remember longing for a tiger to appear at the door and eat all the food in our cupboards! Sadly, this never happened. But when I had my son I looked forward to the day when I could share it with him. He has loved looking at the beautiful illustrations and following the naughty antics of the tiger!


In June 2013 Judith Kerr turned 90 and Harper Collins brought out a Celebration Hardback Edition – a great one to keep in the family! If like me, you’re also a fan of Judith Kerr, you’ll love the book ‘Judith Kerr’s Creatures ‘. It’s packed full of photos and sketches and you can learn all about the woman behind the famous tiger!


Another lovely book which is very topical at the moment is ‘Shhh! Don’t Wake the Royal Baby!’ by Martha Mumford. The little royal baby is a very difficult sleeper, as soon as the little one is put in the crib, or the helicopter lands or the soldiers start marching they wake up…screaming! Whilst all this is going on, a royal banquet is being prepared! The illustrations are adorable – I’m sure the real royal family will enjoy reading this book as much as we have!

DSC_0490 IMAG0511

Thank you to Harper Collins for the copy of The Tiger Who Came to Tea and Judith Kerr’s Creatures and Bloomsbury for Shhh! Don’t Wake the Royal Baby.

Let’s have Fun with Numbers


What better way to have fun with numbers than to incorporate them with a train?! My son loves trains and was ridiculously excited when he saw the Duplo Number Train.  He immediately started building it and as he did so we talked about the different numbers on the blocks. What is so nice about the train is that he can be as creative as he wants when putting it together. There are enough pieces to have three carriages and a bridge for the train to travel under. As we start to do more about learning his numbers I can do things like put the numbers in the wrong order or ask him to find me certain numbers to form parts of the train. Duplo have done so well with this toy! It’ll be the first of many items I’ll be getting for him!



We had fun playing hide and seek with the figures!

Thank you to Lego Duplo for sending us the train to review. RRP £12.99

* * *

The next issue will include reviews of Fisherprice toys and a fun rhyming book! I’ll also be scouring pinterest for a fun christmas craft to share!


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