Ashford Town and Around: Issue 2

The second issue of Ashford Town & Around magazine has been published and as promised, here is our more detailed article:

Dec Jan Front Cover

Fisher-price Toys – Still Going Strong!

Fisher-Price have, over the years, filled a big space in children’s toy cupboards around the world! In preparation for this feature I did a quick Google images search for Fisher-Price toys from the 1980s – I was immediately transported back to my childhood and remembered playing stories on their brown portable cassette player, skating around in their Velcro skates and attending to ‘patients’ with my doctors kit.

Thirty years on, I’ve got a few more modern Fisher-Price toys to review for you.

Dance & Wiggle Pup

Dance and Play Puppy

When we opened him up, my son wanted to cuddle him. When we turned him on, he looked on in awe that is dancing wiggling dog that was talking to him. The pup can play games with you and sing for you – it is wonderfully interactive. One particularly nice feature is that if he falls over when being played with, he exclaims “uh oh!” –  very cute!

The age range is 9 months to 36 months and my 2 year old has had lots of fun with him!

Fun Sounds Farm

Fun Sounds Farm 1

Fun Sounds Farm 2


The first great thing about this toy, is easy to assembly and ready to play with in minutes! Your little one will love putting the animals in the stables, moving the dial for different songs and flinging hay bales down the shoots! There are a variety sounds to discover whilst playing with this lovely farm.

The ability to explore the different features of the farm is my favourite thing about this toy – my son loved realising the different effect his actions had when he turned the dial or balanced the horse on the hay bail shoot…only to see it fling off!

Racin’ Ramps Garage

Racin Ramps


Another toy, sure to please any car lover, is the Racin’ Ramps Garage. My toddler had lots of fun sending cars up in the lift and then zooming each down the ramp. The tow truck is a great way to introduce a bit of role play too, for when the sporty blue car breaks down in the car park!

This is a good chunky garage to use from a young age (age range 1 – 4 years) as there aren’t too many little bits to worry about and everything is easy to hold!  I also noticed on the Fisher-Price website there are new figures available including a person ready with a shammy leather to wash the cars and a dog!

Feature Bedtime Story

Where's Tim's Ted

The bedtime story of choice for the last month or so has been the wonderfully rhythmic ‘Where’s Tim’s Ted? It’s Time for Bed!’ published by Harper Collins. This is a fabulous story with a rhyming pattern that really keeps the story moving. Poor Tim has lost his little pink ted whilst staying with his grandparents on their farm. In the middle of the night, he can take it no longer and tiptoes off to find it! This is a funny, engaging story that I’ve not got tired of reading to my son, night after night – which is saying something!

A Snowman Craft

I scoured Pinterest to find a fun snowman craft to share with you (as we’ll probably get some snow at some point soon!) – and from all the great ideas on offer, I picked these melting snowman biscuits courtesy of Powdered Sugar.

Snowman biscuit 2

You will need:

White marshmallows

Round biscuits

Icing Sugar (400g)

Water (1 tbsp)

Icing pens

Snowman biscuit 1


Make up a thick white icing by sieving the icing sugar into a large bowl and adding 1tbsp of water – add the water a little bit at a time so you can get the right thickness. If it is too thin, add more icing sugar. Too thick? Add a drop more water!

Spoon the icing onto the biscuits and place a marshmallow towards the back of each one.

Leave the icing to set.

Once the icing has hardened, use the icing pens to add the details (eyes, nose, mouth, coal buttons and arms!).

Here are the ones we made! They didn’t last long!


And a special mention for the one my son decorated all by himself:


Thank you to Fisher-Price and Harper Collins for sending the toys and book for review.


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