The Camden Road Winter Parade

I became aware of the Camden Road Winter Lantern Parade through a tweet about their WeFund page this week and I was intrigued…

So I contacted Dave at for more information:

The Winter Lantern Parade



This parade in its current form is an amalgam of two different lantern parades the first was initiated by Town and Country Housing six years ago and was linked to the Chinese New Year and went from the Museum and Library in Town over to Trinity Theatre; the second was linked to the Vanishing Elephant Community Play three and a half years ago which was initially a one off and went from the centre of town down to St Barnabas School (this event was also supported by TCHG).

It has taken place in February every year since and was organised by the Tunbridge Wells Arts Partnership (TCHG, CREATE, Museum, Library, Adult Ed, Assembly Hall, Trinity Theatre), this year the event has been taken on by CREATE in its entirety, though still working alongside the Tunbridge Wells Arts Partnership.

So this year CREATE is having to raise the funds from various sources to enable it to happen (last years cost was £7500) because of recent changes we now have to pay for the rolling road closure which accounts for about a third of the parades costs. The parade has grown year on year and the estimate for last years attendance was over 2000 people which shows that the Camden Road Winter Lantern Parade is one of Tunbridge Wells’ most popular street spectacles.

It’s a non-profit making, free event, anyone can join in and communities, organisations, families and individuals are encouraged to come and make their own lanterns in special workshops around town in the weeks beforehand. Anyone who has seen or taken part in the Parade with its spectacular, large-scale lanterns and music as it makes its way through the town down to St Barnabas School will know that it’s great fun. It adds sparkle to the cold winter months and attracts large numbers of local people.

CREATE are aiming to make this years parade the best yet and with the support of our main sponsor (Town and Country Housing Group) we have set the the theme of ‘Myths and Legends’.  The date for this years parade is the 8th February 2014 (reserve date 15th February) setting off from outside the Main Library at 5.45 sharp the event will finish at St Barnabas School with refreshments (from local shops) available to purchase as well as some more entertainment.

The dates for the lantern making workshops around Tunbridge Wells in January & February are now set and the information can be found on or .

TrinityFeb 114

Lantern Parade 2011 080

Lantern Parade 2011 071

We are always on the look out for volunteers both leading up to the event and on the day itself. If you wish to volunteer you can contact Dave Prodrick on 07966190428 or any other queries can be answered through this route as well.



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