Sailor’s Children’s Society – could they help you?

Here at Mumsnet Kent we like to support local charities by raising awareness on our site.

For the next couple of months, the Sailors’ Children’s Society have an advert with us to promote what they can offer to qualifying local families.


The Society has been supporting the children of seafarers for nearly 200 years but has had very little response locally which is surprising when you consider what a rich military, merchant, ferry and fishing background Kent has historically.

Neil Batey is employed locally to do awareness-raising and he points out that part of his role is also to emphasise that there are many other seafaring charities that offer support but who are largely unacknowledged or unknown locally and that a ‘one stop’ number has been set up to specifically answer this issue. 

Phoning 0800 0556558 will take you through to the Merchant Navy Welfare Board who will take note of your details and then direct your case to the charity that best meets your needs, upon which a support worker will make contact and take the case from there.

Neil says that he recently found out that the Sailors’ Children’s Society, for example, had been helping one child since 2000 and had supported her with monthly financial grants since that date as well as giving the family the opportunity of a caravan holiday each year – this had helped them all tremendously.

All the seafaring charities are currently actively seeking families and individuals to support and would welcome enquiries through the above number.

Neil can also be contacted by email: or phone 07854 156356.

For more information on the work of these charities, please visit their websites: or and share this blog post with anyone who you think would qualify for support.


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