Letters to Matilda Mae

letters to MM

Dear Matilda Mae,

I remember reading the terrible message on Facebook that you were taken from everyone too soon. I remember stopping what I was doing and feeling that the world had lost another wonderful little person who would undoubtedly achieved many wonderful things.

Months later I found your Mummy on Twitter and I realised that she was going to achieve wonderful things for you instead. You should be here now – but I know that you are proud of everything Jennie has done for you already – and all the things that she’ll do because of you in the future.

Every time I hear someone call out ‘Matilda’ or I hear a song with your beautiful name in it; I think of you. When I spot pink and purple stars; I think of you. When we’re blowing bubbles; I think of you.


I never got a chance to meet you, and yet you and your family are often in my thoughts.

Matilda Mae; forever loved and never forgotten xxx


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