The Nordic Charm of Nordicana

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending Nordicana at the Old Truman Brewery in Brick Lane.

Nordicana 1

nordicana 2

As soon as I entered the fabulous Truman Brewery building I was hit with the charm and friendliness I have often experienced when visiting Scandinavia.

Warm cinnamon buns and sizzling hot dogs were an aromatic welcome as we started our journey into Nordic noir.

(The vodka bar was also popular even though it was pre 12pm when I arrived)

I really enjoyed looking around the different stalls selling Scandinavian wares – in particular meeting the lovely lady behind Swedie Pie and her beautiful 2 week old daughter! If you’ve not seen their designs yet – you really must!

The screening rooms were packed with people keen to discuss theories on their favourite shows and hear from the actors, producers and writers themselves. You could even get to watch episode 9 of The Bridge before the UK airtime!

Nordicana hit the right spot for me with a lovely mix of Scandinavian charm, food, fiction and insight into the process behind the scenes. For fans of this noir it was also great to be in the same place together. I spotted quite a few woolly jumpers and even a lady in a complete Saga outfit. Where else could fans unleash this side of themselves?!

I even got to stand next to Saga’s beautiful Porsche – wish I could have taken it for a spin!IMAG0902_BURST002_COVER_1

The big question though is what do I watch now that The Bridge has finished?! I’m feeling a bit bereft…




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