Messy Play for Matilda Mae

We’ve had messy play with shaving foam before…but I was feeling more inspired this time!

My son suddenly loves little models – he carries them around with him everywhere.

So when I spotted some Moshi Monsters at the supermarket, I had to buy them.

We’ve had fun playing with them around the house…but then I spotted the shaving foam and had an idea.

I created a Moshi Monster Foam Land…


I called my son in…and we added his monsters…


Obviously, my shaving foam artistic style was appreciated by my son who spotted the volcano straight away.

But it was missing the fire, I was informed.

So…out came the ketchup!


The combined shaving foam and ketchup smell was interesting!

We had lots of fun swirling the foam and washing up liquid around with the flour and water (or sand and sea!).

We played hide and seek with the monsters and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves!


When we were all finished, they needed a bath…


Luckily I had a Moshi Monster sized bath…as you do!

We had a great time with our Messy Play for Matilda Mae – looking forward to seeing what everyone else has been up to!


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