Lego Fans…Let me introduce you to Mixels!

I was excited when I heard about a new range of products coming from Lego – I remember hours of fun playing with it as a child.

I’ve been looking forward to my son enjoying it too.

He certainly likes their newest additions!

I introduce you to the Mixels

mixel 2

Mixels have to pit their wits and powers against their enemies – the Nixels (irritating creatures who are intent on destroying the Mixels’ tribes).

Lego have teamed up with the Cartoon Network for this new venture so you’ll be able to see your favourite Mixel in action!

We were sent three of these cheeky characters to have a look at ahead of the launch on Saturday.

We had lots of fun building the characters…

Mixel 1

And here they are (you’ll also spot a couple of Nixels too!)…


mixel 3

One-eyed VULK is the strong but dim-witted member of the red-hot tribe of Infernites which live in the magma wastelands near the planet’s core. The scorching-hot hands of VULK can melt escape routes through solid rock and fend off Nixels… just stay clear of this loyal and goofy Mixel’s super-hot high-fives!


Mixel 4

Super-strong KRADER is tough guy, has a short fuse and is as close to a leader as the Cragsters have. With a rotating torso and a massive hand that folds into a demolition ball, KRADER can bulldoze through rock and dig deep pits to trap Nixels.


mixel 5Up for anything, ZAPTOR is the super-charged adrenaline junkie of the Electroids. Capable of releasing massive blasts of energy and blinding light, ZAPTOR can give his friends sunburn. They would prefer it if this living lightning rod of a Mixel directed those high voltage blasts at the Nixels!

With a RRP of just £3.00 each I was really impressed with these. We had great fun making them and the attention to detail with their features is great! After much discussion, my son and I decided that Vulk (or the ‘Red One’ as my son described him) is our favourite.

mixel 6


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