Bright Young Things are coming to Tunbridge Wells!

April marks the start of a lovely time of year in Kent.

The daffodils will be in full bloom and hopefully the sun will be shining.

But this year, it also marks the start of a new tuition centre in Tunbridge Wells!BYT

Bright Young Things are bringing 25 years of experience to their new centre and after meeting one of the tutors from the Rochester Tuition Centre, it will be an engaging and motivating place for children to learn.


The centres offer a comprehensive tutoring programme, to meet children’s needs from Yr 3 to Yr 5 which will include 11+ support in addition to building confidence and ability in core skill areas.

Bright Young Things explained their learning ethos and process to us as encouraging curiosity and genuine interest in topics covered – with no fear of getting things wrong.  There is no rote learning. We enjoy the idea of a new and difficult problem; we like to challenge aspects that are more difficult – we find this helps broad-level thinking and eradicates any predictability within questions. In sum, pupils are not being coached towards a narrow route of learning; all efforts to avoid such are made!

Being able to problem solve depends on developing logic, not just upon learning methods. If children can develop logical problem solving ability – they will be able to solve problems in all areas of future life – not just in the classroom. It is about learning to think! 

photo (1)

Our pupils are educated to a level that should ensure success in the 11+. Our Rochester Tuition Centre has achieved an average of over 95% pass rate since its formation in 1987. The skills and habits acquired during Year 5 will enable them to do well in any test. They are taught rather than “brainwashed” or crammed with facts just to pass the test, which would mean that they might struggle later on. BYT supplemental education will provide a solid foundation both for the test and for the future. 

Many parents worry that even a bright child may have a bad day when it really matters. Exam practice, therefore, by way of mocks and other tests, are part of the programme including extensive and ongoing feedback. 

Increasingly over the years, we have found that children beginning on the Year 5 course are not working at the level one might expect. Consequently, we are happy to advise parents of Year 3 and 4 children whether it is appropriate to start tuition during those years.

Whilst individual tuition has its place of course, our tuition centres provide a productive environment in which to meet new motivated friends and generate a desire to join in.

As part of the new Tuition Centre opening they are offering a FREE 11+ assessment day at 10am on Monday 14th April. All the details about applying for a place for this can be found here. Once enrolled with Bright Young Things, your child will also get a further free assessment after their first three week cycle of lessons.

From our meeting, we also found out that there is scope for scholarship places at the centre. This would be an encouraging step towards ensuring children from all backgrounds can access additional support outside of school. We’re looking forward to hearing more about this scheme in the future.

Read on to find out about the syllabus for children in Yrs 3 – 5…

Overview of our Year 3, 4 and 5 Syllabus

Yr3 – Build good skills in Maths and English; instilling the basic fundamentals within each subject discipline. Through our own in-house learning materials, we cement the basics within numeracy, simple-level comprehension and creative writing.
Yr4 – Apply skills as topics are learnt.

  • Maths topics cover: simple arithmetic with structured methodology, rounding, decimals (basic addition and subtraction), see-saw sums, number sequences, double digit multiplication, ordering decimals (via picture exercises) and basic area and perimeter.
  • English topics cover: comprehension, exciting writing, story steps, punctuation exercises, weekly spelling tests and constant attention devoted to grammatical basics. Children are introduced to a variety of creative exercises based upon scientific discoveries, real-life events, as well as all types of fiction.

Yr5 – Extended application of skills as topics are learnt.

  • Maths topics include: division revision, general arithmetic (column addition/subtraction, multiplication of units, tens, hundreds and thousands, long multiplication – column, grid, etc), mean median, mode and range (x2 weeks), fractions – mixed numbers, equivalent fractions and adding/subtracting fractions from whole numbers (x2 weeks), decimals (x2 weeks) including double digit multiplication, area and perimeter, volume, percentages, ratio, probability and basic algebra.
  • English topics cover: comprehension, spelling, punctuation and grammar; similes and metaphors, creative writing with further application of imaginative Imagery, report writing, story writing, play-script writing, letter writing, leaflet writing and diary writing.
  • Verbal and non-Verbal Reasoning includes over 40 numbered worksheets, in addition to further extension worksheets. Further tests run throughout the year.

For more information on the centre in Tunbridge Wells as well as the ones in Rochester and Oxford, visit the Bright Young Things website.


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