A Whole Hippo of Fun with a Buttonbag kit!

I’ve always loved sewing!

I can remember spending many a Sunday afternoon cutting out and sewing up clothes for Skipper (Barbie’s younger sister) when I was little.

So when I discovered Buttonbag I was keen to try out one of their early sewing kits with my son.

We were very excited when this super cute hippo arrived in the post:


Although the suggested age is 4+, my nearly 3 year old was desperate to have a go!


So we worked together on it…


The chunky needles were perfect for little fingers!


We carefully threaded the thick cotton thread through the ready made holes!


My son loved stuffing the hippo with the fluff!

The end result was very pleasing…


I could imagine a 4 year old doing most of this will only a little bit of help!

We were really impressed with the kit! The instructions were easy to follow and all the materials were ready to go!

It is a wonderful starter sewing kit because you get something lovely at the end of it.

Other ‘First Sewing‘ kits include a stegosaurus, a lion and an elephant.

At £11.95 they make the perfect gift – I’ll be buying some of these for upcoming birthdays!

The lovely people at Buttonbag are offering 20% their craft kits this month.

Just use the code MUM20 at checkout!

More details can be found on our ‘Offers Page’.

Keep an eye out for our next blog post about Buttonbag where my sewing skills will be properly tested when attempting the ‘Sew a Teacup Set’!

sew a tea cup


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