Muddy Puddle Fun with Peppa Pig’s Big Splash at the Marlowe Theatre

Peppa Pig is loved in this house…

…and not just by my son!

So we were understandably excited when we were kindly sent tickets to see Peppa Pig’s Big Splash.

Last weekend, the big day arrived and we set off for the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury to see the show.

eOne_comments_Peppa Pig Big Splash A4 (5)

When I first heard about the show I imagined giant Peppa and George (i.e. people dressed up) but instead lovely puppets are used:


We arrived at the theatre just as the show was starting and there was an excited hum around the auditorium.

The Marlowe Theatre has had a brilliant rebuild and refurbishment recently and I do love the result.

The entrance is striking and bold with an impressive auditorium within.

When the curtains opened and the show started, the faces of excitement on the hundreds of children around me was wonderful.

There were excited yelps when they spotted their favourite character.


All the puppeteers did a fantastic job – especially with the voices! Daddy Pig and Mr Bull were particularly good!

The show was longer than I was expecting but that was a good thing because my son and his friend loved every minute of it!

Woven in to Peppa Pig’s Big Splash were a variety of familiar stories which made it instantly accessible for the children.

We visited the tree house, the pirate fort, the school and the school fete.

We learnt new songs and joined in with a familiar one!



The show was full of funny moments and surprises…which I don’t want to spoil!

There was one part that I particularly liked – when Mr Bull and Daisy were given the ‘wrong’ prizes, buy instead of swapping they kept them.

This was a lovely moment for tackling gender stereotypes!

When the curtain came down at the end we were all quite sad…but the merchandise on the way out lifted their spirits…

We had a wonderful time and would definitely recommend Peppa Pig’s Big Splash and the Marlowe Theatre.


Coming to Kent in October, from the producers of Peppa Pig’s Big Splash, is ‘Octonauts and the Deep Sea Volcano Adventure‘ at The Orchard Theatre in Dartford – tickets are now sale. Tickets will also be on sale soon for the show at The Assembly Halls in Tunbridge Wells in February 2015!

We’ve got high expectations!


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