Could you give a cat a loving home?


I remember bringing my first cat home when I was a little girl.

After much discussion, I decided to call him…Herbert!


My beloved first cat; Herbert. The little kitten we brought home in a box (attempting to escape the whole time) grew up to be a wonderfully protective friend.

I have no idea why, but as a 4 year old I obviously thought it was a good name.

It suited him.

He loved me best of all and I have so many wonderful memories of him.

I feel strongly that children looking after a loving a family pet is important.

Along with the idea that it teaches responsibility and empathy, a pet provides a friend for a child.

A friend who is always there and offers great comfort.

This weekend the RSPCA Canterbury and Dover Branch are hosting a Cat Adoption Open Weekend.

Head over to their fabulous centre on Saturday or Sunday between 11am and 4pm to meet their cats and kittens.

No appointment necessary!

Cat Adoption Weekend Poster

I found it hard leaving there after my visit on Wednesday without a cat or two under my arm – they have so many beautiful cats.

Here is a sneak peek at some of them…


Bagheera – Black and White (Short Haired), Male, 3 Years Old approx.

Meet Bagheera, a rather handsome black-and-white panther of a cat, who came to live at the centre in June 2013 after he was found living as a stray. Bagheera is a very muscular cat, but – contrary to his tough-guy exterior – he is a big ol’ softy at his core. He loves nothing more than to be around people, receiving as much fuss and attention as he can possibly lay his paws on! Bagheera is FIV positive, and as a result requires an indoor-only home or a home in a remote location – such as a livery or small holding – with no other cats around, unless they’ve also been diagnosed as FIV-positive. He is an adventurous boy and will need a new home with plenty of space for him to stomp-about in – perhaps with outdoor pen or enclosed garden area, though this is not essential. We urge you not to be put-off by his condition as FIV-positive cats are still very capable of living long, healthy lives, much like cats without the virus. If you’d be interested in giving Bagheera a loving new home, we’d be more than happy to give you more information about FIV and the care requirements of the condition at the centre


Becky – White and Black, Female, 8 months old
Becky is a real sweetheart. She came to us from another centre after being involved in a RTA. She had a fractured pelvis but after some rest and TLC she is now ready to find her new forever home. She is only 8 months old and is still really playful but also loves to have a cuddle. She would be better to be rehomed with older children but potentially could live with another cat.
Lolly – Tortoiseshell, Female, 1 year old
Lolly is a 1 year old Long haired female tortie. She is such a lovely cat we are not even sure why she is still here. She enjoys having a fuss and is quite a curious cat. She doesn’t particularly liked to be pulled about (but what cat does!). As she is longhaired, she would require regular grooming. Would be suitable to go to most home environments.
If you think you can offer a cat or kitten a loving home, head over to the centre this weekend to meet them!

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