A Weekend in Sevenoaks

Although I’ve studied, lived and worked in Kent for more than a decade there are still places I’ve not visited.

Sevenoaks is one of those places…until this bank holiday weekend that is.

After much deliberation we picked out the places we’d like to visit – it was quite a tricky decision as there are so many to choose from!

Riverhill Himalayan Gardens

Our first stop was Riverhill Himalayan Gardens and we weren’t disappointed.

As we ventured up the path towards the woodland walk we knew that the views were going to be good…



We’d heard about the Yeti that can sometimes be seen so were always on the lookout!

Within the woodland walk, everyone is encouraged to have a go at den building.

The abundance of logs and sticks mean it is hard to resist!


The den building trail was brimming with excited children and adults hauling and carrying sticks to complete their dens.

We followed the path up to the viewpoint and were suddenly surrounded by bluebells…


After picnicking at the viewpoint with lovely views of the surrounding countryside, we ventured back down to the gardens we’d spotted earlier.


The landscaped gardens are beautiful. It was particularly lovely to wander round taking in the art and sculptures that are nestled within.

We admired from afar and could then get close enough to touch.

We could appreciate how different each piece looked from these vantage points.

After all this walking, we just had to stop off at the cafe for some cake…

IMAG1216The cakes looked, and from the one I chose, tasted delicious. The cafe was busy, but we were seen quickly and the staff were incredibly friendly. There was a lovely family feel about everything at Riverhill Himalayan Gardens.

We had a lovely visit and I’m so pleased that after their appearance on Country House Rescue the route was paved for this wonderful attraction.

There was a notice as we entered the cafe about the great help that volunteers are to the gardens, so if you feel could you help in some way, click here for more information.

7 Hotel & Diner

After a busy afternoon we were tired and ready for bed.

We decided on the 7 Hotel & Diner as it was nice and close and I knew they had a children’s playground!

Our double room was lovely and modern (the bathroom was particularly nice!).

There was plenty of room for our blow up ready bed for our son.

From doing my research on the hotel though, it was the breakfast I was looking forward to!

The all-American breakfast was very tasty and sitting in the diner to have it was great fun – felt like I was in Grease!



The breakfast and good nights sleep set us for the next port of call on our mini trip.

Reaching the entrance to Knole we were struck by the medieval deer park before us.

And it wasn’t long before we saw our first deer…

IMAG1218 IMAG1217

As we visited on a Monday we got to take part in their ‘Family Mondays’.

The staff were very friendly as they explained the different activities happening that day:

Guided Walks

Leaf Pictures

Leaf Printing

We quickly got stuck into the craft activities, and before long had things to take back to the car – or we could have attached them to a tree to collect later!


The entrance to the house was impressive and venturing inside we had fun exploring the estate office left in a time warp.

Typewriters, stampers and mechanical calculators could be found on the desks.

Drawers could be pulled, cupboards opened, and files examined.

It was a lovely way to see a bit of the history of the house.

So as not to waste too much of the sunshine, it was time for another picnic!

We picked a spot with views over the golf course – friendly golfers wandered past enquiring after a spare sandwich or to comment on the weather!

The grounds at Knole are vast and it is a wonderful place to walk, picnic, play a ball game or simply sit and relax.

* * *

We had a wonderful weekend in Sevenoaks but only got a glimpse of the different things on offer for families.

We’re definitely planning a return trip to see the other delights!

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We’d love to hear from you!


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