Mumsnet Kent Meets Scott Maslen

Yesterday we published part one of our interview about meeting Mister Maker during the press day for the upcoming pantomime, Aladdin, at the Marlowe Theatre. Read on for part two…when we got to meet Scott Maslen.Aladdin_080514-147

* * *

Now my excitement at interviewing Phil Gallagher shouldn’t overshadow the lovely Scott Maslen! Playing Abanazar in his second pantomime, he was very much at ease in the theatre surroundings and you could see he was enjoying the fun and freedom that comes with these shows. Scott was easy to chat with and it was clear he is looking forward to playing his part!


Not to be left out, I also made Scott a small gift. It was a toss between a West Ham theme or a carp fishing one…it was much easier to get hold of West Ham cake toppers though…

WestHam cupcakes

What aspect of working on a pantomime do you most enjoy?

Last year was my first experience of this kind of production and I had a lot of fun. It is one of those experiences that was so memorable. It was hard work but it was fun. That seems to be the most important things – go in to it committed and have fun with it. There is a great group dynamic with this panto too – we all get along and work together well.

Is there any part that you find difficult?

No… I am a clown. Anyone who knows me, knows that I like to joke around. So this fits very easily with me.

I have lots of fond memories of Dave Lee in the Canterbury pantomimes. What memories do you have of pantomimes as a child?

Do you know what, no I haven’t really. The only pantomime I can remember, is going to see Bobby Davroe in one – he was a natural, such a clown! I studied them at drama school; looking at pantomimes in their historical significance. They are an important part of the history of story telling in this country.

Do you get to use any of your Strictly Come Dancing moves in the show?

I banned it in the last one because there would have been dance offs and all kind of things! I’m looking forward to the dancing though – it just needs to be dancing for the good of the show! I don’t want to do pantomimes as Jack Branning either – last time I played Abanazar as the complete opposite to Jack. I went all out camp! I’ll be evolving the character this time round as well.

You got lots of awards during your time in EastEnders – was it a difficult decision to leave?

Not really – I was ready for a break. I was knackered. After I left lots was said about why I went, but EastEnders was brilliant  – I had a great time and made lots of friends. But that was coming off the back of six years in The Bill with no breaks. So physically I was tired. Doing Strictly at the same time as EastEnders was the beginning of my body going. So it was time for a break!

Do you still go to any West Ham games – have you taken your son to any games?

I haven’t been for ages! I’m really into carp fishing, so any time I have spare I’m out fishing! But my son has been asking me to take him over there so I really need to. At the moment he skates and I fish so it will be great to spend time with him at some games.

* * *

Aladdin is on at the Marlowe Theatre from Friday 28th November to Sunday 11th January.

Book now here.


Photos: Tim Stubbings Photography. 


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