Ahoy! A Pirate Birthday Party!

pirate 12

Last weekend my son turned 3 and after much discussion in the build up to his birthday, it was decided he’d have a pirate craft party!

(I was very relieved with this decision – as the other popular theme was halloween!)

I scoured the web looking for pirate crafts and was pleasantly surprised by how much there was on offer.

We opted for…

Pirate Finger Puppets from Make it Friday

pirate 9

and pirate hats and treasure maps from The Little Crafty Bugs Company

pirate 6 pirate 8

With the table set we were ready for the pirate fun to begin!

pirate 11

We started with the finger puppets. These were brilliant because no cutting or gluing was needed!

pirate 10

Each puppet came with all the pieces pre-cut and with a sticky back.

The children just needed to peel and stick!

pirate 5

(As you can see from this photo, the birthday boy was a dinosaur pirate!)

We needed to help them with this bit (otherwise pirate parts would have been stuck everywhere!) but this meant it was a lovely joint activity between the children and the parents! Here are our finished pirates:


Pirate puppet making got us in the mood for making ourselves into pirates, so it was onto the hats next.

These kits were also perfect for little ones and everything was ready for them and just needed to be stuck on.

We had mainly a jeweled pirate hat before long!

pirate 4

Now fully fledged pirates, we just needed out maps.

These A3 sized maps come with a lovely selection of stickers to make fab maps.

The children really enjoyed creating their maps and explaining where they were hiding the treasure!

pirate 3 pirate 2We finished our party with a real treasure hunt around the garden for chocolate coins and pirate pencils!

I really enjoyed planning this party and finding all the bits for the children to make during the afternoon.

All the craft activities kept them busy and before we knew it, the party was finished.

I can’t recommend Make it Friday and Little Crafty Bugs enough. Their craft items are lovely and everyone I spoke with was extremely helpful.

The finger puppets, hats and treasure maps were kindly sent to us to review for our party.

The Pirate Finger Puppet kit is £15

The Pirate Hats Group Craft kit is £17.74 for 30 (although we were sent a pack of 10)

The Treasure Map Sticker Scenes are £10.56 for 12

My attempt at the treasure chest cake (which was quite easy to put together!) is based on this one from Spoonful.

The table decorations (which were lovely and vibrant!) were from Dunelm Mill – I was very impressed with their pirate range!


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