Three things to do on a rainy afternoon!


I love the rain, especially tucked up at home with a cup of tea and a chocolate chip cookie (as I am now!).

I’m also quite happy to venture out in the rain with my son.

But sometimes it is nice to stay in and stay dry!

So with that in mind I thought I’d share some rainy afternoon activities we enjoy doing in our house.

They are easy to do and are a great distraction from the pitter patter outside.

1. Collage Fun


After raiding the recycling pile I found a stash of pictures and letters from magazines for my son to use for a collage.

I cut the bits out this time, but to make the activity last longer you could do it together.

We had fun spotting the different letters and it was fun hearing how the pictures went together in his final piece!


2. Shaving Foam Island


With a tray, some shaving foam and miniature figures we had great fun making ‘Foam Island’.

The Moshi Monsters loved their new home and we explored different shapes we could make.



A little squirt of ketchup was perfect for our volcano!

It was also good for discussions about sinking and floating – some of the monsters were heavier than others so we developed a good guessing game!

3. An Indoor Scavenger Hunt


This is a great game to practise colours and to work on comparing objects (e.g. bigger than, smaller than etc).

I wrote out the items I wanted my son to find around the house, focussing mainly on different colours.

He then raced off to find them.


We only did a short hunt, but this could be easily be lengthened.

* * *

What games and activities to you do in your house on a rainy day?

We’d love to hear about them!

Tweet #rainydaygames to @MumsnetKent for me to share them.

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7 thoughts on “Three things to do on a rainy afternoon!

  1. Some good ideas there, the scavenger hunt being one I’ve done in the past. As for shaving foam, on a sunny day, put the kids in a paddling pool, give ’em a tin and off they go! #twinklytuesday

  2. I’ve just moved to the Netherlands so a list of things to do in the rain is just what we needed. My boys love sensory experiences so I know the shaving cream islands will be a hit!

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