Top Tips for a Stress Free Start to the School Year

With my niece starting school next week I started to think back to my first years at school (many years ago!).

Here I am just home from school with my beloved cat – snuggling up on the sofa after a hard day!

I decided to ask the collective wisdom of the Mumsnet Local Editors for their tips to make your child’s first day at school go smoothly.

Here are some of their top tips!

Tips from the Mumsnet Local Merton Editor

Make sure your children get back into good bedtime habits at least a week before school starts – you will have a much less ‘receptive’ child if
they’re already tired before their first day at school begins!

Girl Sleeping

Be prepared in all ways and build in extra time for a ‘wobble’ before or on the way to school!

Involve your children in getting prepared for their first day at school.

Try to be cool, calm and collected as children pick up ‘panic/sadness’ from parents very easily!

Read story books about starting at school and maybe do some role play ‘let’s be teachers’ games

Involve the whole family with trips down memory lane about things they remember about their school days.

Tip from the Mumsnet Local Birmingham and Sutton Coldfield Editor 

Make sure you have an edible treat for the walk home after their first full day.

Bran Muffin

They’re usually very, very tired, and you really don’t want the event marred by a massive melt-down on the pavement.

Tip from the Mumsnet Local Editor for Cambridgeshire

Don’t be tempted to linger at the door – my tactic is to get them in and go!

Using books at home to prepare for school starting

There are lots of books aimed at helping children get used to starting school. We particularly like this one from Usborne’s Early Years Range. They also have some great books in their Get Ready for School  and Back to School ranges.




 I gave her this one to my niece last week and she excitedly starting getting the teddy bears ready for school.

It was also a great way to talk about the different aspects of the school day.

My son also loves this big book about starting school.


He is starting nursery next week so we’re reading it in preparation for that too.

* * *

I’d love to hear your top tips for starting school. Share them on here or tweet @MumsnetKent with them!

* * *

Thank you to Usborne books for sending us Dress the Teddy Bears book – my niece loved it! 


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