A tea-time treat with the September Degustabox

The end of another month meant my Degustabox was due!


The box this month was bursting with tasty treats.

I was surprised though with the one my son wanted to try first.

Not the chocolate biscuits…no…the marmalade…

So late in the afternoon we had toast with delicious marmalade and then we had a chocolate biscuit!

Here is what we had in our box this month…

Little Mircales Organic Teas & Juices

These blended teas and juices are sweetened with agave (so much kinder to your teeth!) and are low in calories. A real feel good drink!

Righteous Dressings

Interesting combinations of flavours to give salads an extra punch.

Elizabeth Shaw Mint Thins

A perfect after dinner snack – dark chocolate thins with crunchy mint sprinkles.

Crabbie’s Traditional Lemonade

A great addition to the Crabbie’s range – my husband was impressed with it!

Jordans Simply Granola

A great basis for your morning meal – we quite like it plain but will be trying it with some more exciting combinations!

Crabbie’s Fruits

Another addition to the Crabbie’s range – with real fruit juice and no artificial flavourings or colours. 4% alcohol

Bahlsen Pick Up!

These are delicious – will definitely be buying again.

Burts Lentil Waves

I’m not a big crisp eater, but I really liked these (so much so that I now have 12 packets in the cupboard…they were on offer in the supermarket in my defence!)

Carnation Cook With It!

A healthy alternative to using cream, and it can be stored in the cupboard. See below for our recipe using this.

La Vieja Fabrica Marmalade

Yum! We really enjoyed our afternoon treat of marmalade on toast after opening our box. This marmalade is delicious!

* * *

September’s Recipe

This month, I decided to use the Carnation ‘Cook with it!’ for the recipe.


I normally make my quiche with double cream, sour cream, cheese, egg and sweetcorn.

This makes a rich, filling quiche and I’ve always been happy with it.

This version is much healthier and was still very tasty – so I was impressed with the ‘cook with it!’

Carnation have their own quiche recipe on their website here.

* * *

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* * *

Degustabox kindly sent us a box to review. This in no way influenced our review though. 


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