Counting the Kicks and Pampering from Project B

Having recently reached the 26 wk milestone, my little one is getting quite active at certain points during the day.

I love feeling each kick (even the ones that take me by surprise),

as it is a wonderful reminder that he is doing OK.

If you’ve not heard about the Count the Kicks campaign, do head over to their site to find out more.

It is so important to be in tune with your body during pregnancy,

and this month’s Project B box was perfect for this!

Project B

It was packed with indulgent gifts to take a step out of my busy day and relax!

Project B1

Included in this box…

  • a St Eval tranquility candle – which smells divine!
  • a pregnancy relaxation CD
  • two samples of Bio Oil (which I should start using daily now!)
  • a Weleda rose soap – another divine smell and so lovely on my skin.
  • a bottle of Eisberg alcohol-free wine (which I was skeptical of, but it doesn’t just taste like fizzy fruit! My husband liked this too).
  • a box of Bloom heartwarming Rooibos Tea – this caffeine free tea has vanilla and cinnamon in it so creates a sweet warm drink. Perfect for the winter evenings!

    * * *

    For more information on Project B head over to their site or Facebook page.

    You can find out more about Count the Kicks on their site too.

  • * * *

    Project B kindly sent me this lovely box!


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