A visit to Father Christmas World

We were invited to visit Father Christmas World in Tunbridge Wells last weekend. I had been so looking forward to going, but at the last minute circumstances meant I couldn’t go.

Thankfully my parents stepped in and visited for me – my son was thrilled that he still got to go!

There has been much in the local news about Father Christmas World, so I was interested to find out what my parents thought of it.

First things first, if you are travelling there using a Sat Nav, you may want to check the route the old fashioned way first.

The Sat Nav managed to add an additional 30 minutes on to the journey time.

On arrival, the staff were extremely friendly and welcoming and tokens were handed out to use on the different experiences.

After a short ride on the tinsel train, they entered Father Christmas World.


In my head, it would be a snowy winter wonderland, but although there was some ‘snow’ around, they couldn’t pull off a North Pole experience – and perhaps expectations were too high for this!


But there were snowy areas – the snow ball section in particular looked festive!

P1030512 P1030528

P1030521 P1030522

As well as the snow ball throwing area, there was an ice rink, carousel and snow globe.

Unfortunately, for most of the afternoon the carousel wasn’t working – although they did get to have a ride before they left!

I really liked the idea of the ice rink and the snow globe but for my 3 year old they weren’t really suitable – something to bear in mind if you’re only taking younger children.

The workshops were much more suitable – icing gingerbread and making decorations.

The polar bears were also a big hit!


After exploring the site, it was time to see the big man himself!

One thing I had been particularly impressed about beforehand was the information that the ‘booking elves’ took about my son so that when he saw Father Christmas it would feel like a more personal experience.

Unfortunately, despite double checking this information before he went in, Father Christmas didn’t use any of the details.

He was lovely though, and my son was utterly enchanted…so much so he forgot his own name.

The present was very nice too!

Whilst waiting to go in to the grotto, mince pies were given out which was a good touch.

The only other snag about this part of the day was that you weren’t allowed to take your own photo in the grotto.

In the FAQ section, it clearly states that you can either buy a photo or take your own photo.

However, when my mum went to take a photo, she was told she wasn’t allowed.

It was then an additional £10 to buy the official photo.

This photo was very nice, but considering the price of the tickets, I feel one photo should have been included!

That leads me to the price – £105 for two adults and a child.

This price tag makes it an expensive day out, and really for that price I shouldn’t have been able to find any faults.

To pay the same price for adults and children over the age of 2, then really everything should be suitable for over 2s!

Saying all that though, my son loved it. He loved the polar bears, the train, interacting with the elves, spotting presents hidden around the grounds and of course he loved Father Christmas!


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