Aladdin… “the best pantomime I’ve ever seen!”

High Praise for Aladdin

When my family returned from seeing Aladdin at the Marlowe Theatre, my mum declared that it was “the best pantomime I’ve ever seen…and I’ve seen a lot!”.


My son was equally as impressed and then proceeded to demonstrate on all fours how the elephants moved around the stage.

Earlier in the year, I had the chance to interview two of the stars of the show – Scott Maslen and Phil Gallagher.They both said that this year, the Marlowe was going for a West End style production – and by all accounts this has been achieved.

Why was it so good?

The brilliance of this pantomime (as in previous ones at the Marlowe) is how it appeals to so many different ages. There were jokes that were lost on my son, but that my husband and mum found hilarious. The writers got this spot on in Aladdin!


Phil Gallagher, aka Mister Maker, was definitely my son’s favourite person in the show. He particularly liked the scene with the mummies and has been telling me and anyone else who will listen all about it!

Having said that, the Genie also got a special mention, and Scott Maslen’s performance as the ‘baddie’ was done in such a way that my son wasn’t scared of him but instead enjoyed ‘booing’ at him along with everyone else!


My husband particularly liked the magazine sketch which must have taken a fair few hours of rehearsing to get right.

The show was full of surprises that really weren’t expected – these bits gave it the ‘west end’ style we had been promised.

However, amongst all the new and spectacular parts of the show, the ‘classics’ weren’t left out. The bench scene (which has always been a favourite in this house) was still there along with the customary custard pies!

A mention needs to made of Ben Roddy, who made an excellent dame. In fact he was my husband’s favourite character.


Dave Lee’s Legacy

Dave Lee wasn’t forgotten this year and it is lovely that his memory can be kept alive through the show that he was always such an integral part of.

Seeing the Show

We can’t recommend it highly enough!

 The show is on at the Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury until Sunday11th January.

Click here to head over to their site to book tickets, or call 01227 787787

* * *

* All photos courtesy of Paul Clapp *

*The Marlowe kindly gave us review tickets free of charge*


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