These are no ordinary wellies…

I can remember my first pair of wellies – they were the green frog ones with eyes at the front.

I loved those wellies.

But wellies have moved on in the last 25 years.

We recently discovered ‘Colour Me Wellies’ and the lovely people at el RHEY Kids sent us a pair to review.

As soon as we saw the box, we knew they were going to be good!

My 5 year old niece took over from this point.


The pens included worked brilliantly on the wellies and she quickly got to grips with them.


The zebra picture, which can be seen on the ankle here was nice and easy to colour in.

You then have the rest of boot to add your own designs to.


She was very happy with the finished design…


We now just need some rain or snow to try them out in!

We were sent the zebra gift pack which retails at £25 (you can also get the boots with a moth design).

For the enjoyment aspect and the uniqueness of the finished product we think this is good value.

You can buy the boots through the el RHEY Kids website.

el RHEY is a specialist rainwear designer and wholesaler based in Bournemouth.

Their ethos of encouraging creativity in children through their products is clearly evident in this lovely product.

* * *

We’ll update this post when we’ve had a chance to test them out in the rain…or snow!


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