A bedtime must…the Grobag!

At the beginning of January our little world changed forever when my second son was born.

He decided to come a bit early…which frankly was fine by me!

Like my first son, this one is a kicker. He seems to love kicking off blankets and has an irrational dislike of swaddling!

So, once again I found myself praising the baby sleep bags – Grobags. I love them!


Once zipped in and cosy, the return to crib manoeuvre is so much easier.

Midnight nappy changes aren’t quite so traumatic as the warmth of the bag takes the edge off having half your clothes removed, cold wipes applied and new (and not so warm and squidgy) nappy applied.

Being ever so slightly a worrier, I also love the little card Gro room thermometer that comes with the grobags. I can check the temperature and then turn it over to double check the number of layers and togs recommended.


This Grobag is a travel baby sleep bag too, so has a slot at the back for a harness to be used with it.

Another great plus is that they are machine washable AND can be tumble dried!

Probably most importantly though, they come with a recommendation from the Lullaby Trust.

I can’t recommend these enough…they have helped make bedtime that bit easier!


Find out more from the Gro Store here

*We were kindly sent a 2.5 tog Grobag for this review*


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