Life with a newborn: our best buys!

The new year brought a new addition to our family and there have been certain things that have really made life easier for us. So I thought I’d share our best buys/things with you!

1. The Sleepyhead
Now this is an expensive buy, and one I dithered about. But I can honestly say it is worth every penny of the £100 I paid for it.

Putting my little one to sleep in the ‘snugness’ of the Sleepyhead is so much easier than in the days before it entered our lives.

He seems to instantly relax once lowered into it.


More info on the Sleepyhead here.

2.The Cosydream from Babymoov

If the Sleepyhead is just out of your budget, then I can definitely recommend the Cosydream which has an rrp of £29.99. It has been designed using healthcare professionals’ recommendations with the aim to create a safe and comfortable sleeping environment.


This great design has a curved cushion that sits under the baby’s knees which my little one finds nice and comfy. I use it in conjunction with a Grobag and he goes back to sleep smoothly after each night feed. It is also nice and small to take with you for use when travelling.

We have also used it with a crib wedge when our son has been snuffly and coughing – has worked well to help him sleep.

Find out more info here.

3. The Snuzpod

Another expensive item on the list, but another great one too.

This time round, our cot no longer fits in our bedroom so we made the decision to get a beside cot (it was actually a lovely gift from my parents… Thanks Mum & Dad!).


It has given me great peace of mind to know that he is so close. I can reach out across the bed to comfort him, and easily get to him for the multiple night feeds. It also looks great in the room!

Find out more here!

4. Grobags
I love these things! Perfectly designed to keep babies safely warm at night, I can’t recommend enough. See my previous review post about them.


5. Seraphine Nursing Tops
I treated myself to a couple of Seraphine tops from their sale and I’m so impressed. Lovely soft fabrics, easy access for feeding and they look like tops I’d usually wear. I’d definitely buy from them again!

6. Buggy board
For anyone with a toddler and a newborn, you need to consider getting a buggy board!


My toddler doesn’t need the buggy anymore, but long walks can become a battle… Which I don’t have the energy for anymore!

Him having the option of hopping on to the board has made venturing out so much easier.

We went for the Lascal buggy board and it fits my Bugaboo Bee really well! Find out all about the two sizes of boards here.

7. Netflix
So far I’ve watched Marco Polo and all 5 seasons of Chuck via the Netflix app. Perfect to keep me awake during the 2 hourly night feeds at the moment!

*We were kindly sent the Cosydream and the Grobag to review*


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