Some Purrfect Treats

Those who have read my other blog posts know I’m a sucker for a mystery box.

So when ‘Purrfect Box’ popped up on my Facebook feed, I had to get in touch!

A few weeks later a big pink box arrived with my friendly postman.

This is what we found inside…


There was a nice selection of snacks and toys, a new water bowl and pet paw cream (something I didn’t know existed before last week!).

The treat ball dispenser looked particularly fun and the kittens could obviously smell the catnip in the cuddly mouse as soon as they came in to the room. They got very excited, very quickly!

From some quick online research I found that the value of the box at around £19 – about the same as the cost of the monthly subscription service (although it may cost more to do it yourself once you factor in p&p).

So these boxes aren’t saving you lots of money, but they do provide a by nice surprise each month that your cat will enjoy!

Find out more here.

*Purrfect Box kindly sent us the March box to review.*


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