BubbleBum – the solution to our car seat issues?

With a two children, the back of my car is pretty full!

I used to keep this booster seat in my boot for when I need to drive my niece somewhere.


But it doesn’t fit in the middle of my two other car seats now.

This was discovered just as we were all about to go out in my car – cue much upset from my son and niece when they realised they wouldn’t be travelling together!

But it looks like BubbleBum may have the answer!

We were asked to review their inflatable booster seat.

Here is how it compares to our previous one:


It is a great size – perfect to pop in hand luggage to use on holiday or to carry with you to use in a taxi.

Or, as we’ll be doing, to keep in the boot for when you need an extra seat.

The valve in the inner seat makes this easy to inflate, so you’re ready to go in less than a minute!

One feature that was particularly attractive to us is that you should be able to fit three across the back with it.

So we put that to the test in our car…


Due to the isofix with our baby seat, it is a bit of a squeeze but it does fit!

An additional use, as demonstrated by my son is that it makes a comfy booster cushion for the dinner table!


At £29.99 we think this is a great portable booster seat that we envisage using time and again over the coming years (especially as the age range is 4-11yrs)!

Find out more about BubbleBum booster seats here.


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