Another brilliant Blunderbus production!

A few months ago my son was given a copy of ‘Duck in the Truck’ by Jez Alborough.

He found the rhyming nature of the book so funny.

I looked online to see if there were any other books in the series.

Amazingly, one of the first things that came up from the search was the Blunderbus production coming to the Marlowe Theatre.

Yesterday was the day we got to see it… image and it was brilliant!

If you’ve not seen a Blunderbus performance yet, you’ve been missing out.

Each one we’ve seen has been so entertaining.

The three actors in this show were so good with the children in the audience – chatting away with as many as they could before it started.

Duck in the Truck is a great story centered on a duck who gets stuck in the muck and needs help from his friends to get out. With brilliant costumes (the duck waddling around in the muck was so funny), amusing accents and punchy songs – this show has it all.

My son loved it and was so excited when he got the chance to have his photo taken with one of the characters.

He knew immediately who he wanted his photo with…

image If you get the chance to go and see Duck in the Truck, I can thoroughly recommend it.

Or keep an eye out for any of their future productions.

* * *

*We were kindly invited to see Duck in the Truck*


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