Stepping back in time with Dinosaur Zoo

This morning my son got to travel back in time to see the dinosaurs.

The West End show ‘Dinosaur Zoo’ opened at the Marlowe Theatre today and continues over the weekend.

Sitting expectantly in their seats, the children are introduced to a family of dinosaur (puppets!)

The realistic puppets are great for dinosaur enthusiasts – it is the closest experience they are going to get with these extinct beasts.

During the performance, some lucky children are invited on stage to feed and look after the dinosaurs…

…and are even invited to put their heads in their mouths, if they dare!

The presenter on stage was excellent with the children and really added to the magic of the performance.

Afterwards, everyone is invited to a ‘meat and greet’ with a selection of the puppets in the foyer.

dino 1

If they are feeling brave, they can stroke or even cuddle this life-like puppets.

dino zoo

The 3+ age range is about right as my son (who is nearly 4) loved it!

Catch the performance today at 4:30, Saturday at 10.30am and on Sunday at 11am & 2.30pm.


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