The magic that is Storytime


We love magazines in this house.

My husband gets Stuff magazine and makes wish lists of expensive gadgets.

I get the cookery and lifestyle ones and plan tasty treats and interesting crafts.

My son loves choosing ones at the shops.

The ones he chooses are often lovely, and often very engaging but they are expensive for what you get.

Now my son also loves getting post, so when I saw an advert for Storytime I got in touch for a sample copy.

As you can see from the photo below, he didn’t have time to take his coat off he was so eager to investigate the copies we received!


Shoes were also thrown across the room in his rush!


I was really impressed with this magazine.

It’s packed with stories and feels substantial.

There were stories I recognised, like Rapunzel, The Magic Porridge Pot and Treasure Island.

But there were also ones that were new to me, such as Finn MacCool and the Tree of Dreams.

Also, refreshingly, there are no adverts. Which is great because he doesn’t get distracted by the advert for a toy when he was previously engrossed in a story or activity.


The puzzles and activities are fun and imaginative.

So much so that there were urgent calls for me to find pens so he could complete them.

In both the issues we received there were lovely games to play together.

One was an alphabet game which my 3 year old loved. You had to think of three words that started with the letter you landed on.


For older children there were alternative versions of the game.

The other game was more of a strategic one, and was lots of fun too!


We had lots of fun with them and will be subscribing!

The lovely people at Storytime have shared two great offers with us to pass on.

If you’d like to try a FREE sample copy or 3 issues for £3 just call them on the following number:

📞 0843 504 4934 📞

For more information about Storytime, click here to visit their website.


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