Talking Red for June

Do we talk about bleeding enough?

It can be a pretty taboo subject – but it shouldn’t be!


Talking Red  ( aims to make women aware of the symptoms of a bleeding disorder – bleeding heavily during/after childbirth – and to create more general awareness of how a bleeding disorder can impact on a woman’s life.

As well as the physical impact there are also emotional issues that many families face.

There are tens of thousands of women affected who don’t know they have a bleeding disorder.

The Talking Red awareness week takes place from Sunday 14th – Sunday 21st June this year.

During that week women are encouraged to take part in events such as Paint it RED (nails) and Red Knickers Night (walk, party or workout in red knickers).

red 1

It is also important to just talk about it too to help reach the tens of thousands of women who are unaware they have a bleeding condition.

I’ll be digging out my red nail varnish and reading up on the information on the Talking Red website so that I can help spread the word next month.

red 2


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