Making Father’s Day personal with Snapfish

Sssshhh don’t tell Mr MumsnetKent, but we’ve been having fun with Snapfish to make him some personalised gifts for Father’s Day!

Here is the photo card we designed (complete with VERY big head!)…


And these are the photo placemats created using a family portrait…


There were so many gifts to choose from.

The puzzles looked fun.

Daddy likes coffee, so the personalised coffee mugs were tempting too.

But the placemats were something we hadn’t seen before.

They were also a lovely way for us to keep childhood drawings in a way we’d get to use every day!

In years to come, we can get out the placemats and remind our son of when he created them at only 3 years old.

The preparation was easy.

Lots of drawing took place at the kitchen table…



After looking through all the pictures, we chose our favourite ones to use on the Snapfish website.

I took photos of the drawings on my phone, emailed them to myself and then uploaded them to the site.

The upload took a few minutes and then we were ready to go!

Creating both the card and the placemats was really easy.

I looked through the card templates and found one that fitted in nicely with his portrait.

A few clicks later, it was done!

It was the same process for the placemats. I decided to use the same drawing for each one but you could just as easily choose a different image for each mat.

In less than a week, our items arrived.

I’m very impressed with the quality and I’m sure Mr MumsnetKent will like them too!

We were kindly sent credit to use on the site to create our gifts.

Please note that the last order date for Father’s Day from Snapfish is 15th June 2015.


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