Gentle care from Organyc


We were recently challenged to swap our normal baby wipes and breast pads for these ones from Organyc.

I’m always up for a (suitable!) challenge so was pleased to give them a try.

Up until now we’ve pretty much used Aldi’s sensitive wipes which do the job well.

And I use washable breastpads that just slip inside my bra.

As soon as I opened the Organyc wipes, I knew they were going to be good.

For wipes; they smell lovely. So much so that I kept sniffing them (thankfully I was at home!).

I quickly realised it was the chamomile that makes them smell so good.

Each wipe is made from 100% organic cotton which has been infused with organic chamomile and organic calendula

They work great as wipes – only needed to use a maximum of three at a time, even for some quite spectacular changes!

My son hasn’t got nappy rash, but is sometimes a little red at changing time.

I noticed that very quickly any redness that was there before was greatly reduced.

They were also lovely to use on his face (and for my older son too).

I was very impressed. The only downside is the price – at £4.99 a pack for 60 wipes they are expensive.

But they are lovely and you do get quality wipes for the price.

If I found them on offer, I’d definitely buy them!

I was also impressed with the breast pads.


I’d been put off disposable ones as they often didn’t stay in place or weren’t absorbant enough.

These were great though. Nice and sticky on the reverse, so they stayed in place and lasted the day.

Was nice to have something organic so close to my skin.

At £3.99 a box, these are much more reasonably priced. I’d buy these to use again – handy to have in addition to the washable ones I currently use.

Thank you for the challenge Organyc – we enjoyed the swap!

For more information about all the Organyc mother and baby products available, click here.


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