Hay Fever and Breastfeeding…

This time of year is beautiful.


I love seeing the flowers blooming and bees buzzing (although I prefer them by the flowers rather than by me!).

But I’m not loving my hay fever – made worse because I’ve been advised not to take any antihistamines because I’m breastfeeding.

A phone call to a local GP resulted in the advice to stay indoors when the pollen count is high with the windows and doors closed.

Hmmmm…not the most useful of advice!

So I thought I’d look in to some of the other remedies available to breastfeeding mothers…

Prevalin Allergy 

I’ve been using this nasal spray and on most days it does help. When the count is really high though, it still leaves me with watering eyes, sneezing and an itchy roof of my mouth! It’s a great one to keep in your bag though to take the edge off!

Hay Max

An organic, drug free balm that you apply to the base of the nostrils to form a barrier. Again, this one took the edge off for me, but didn’t stop the sneezing!

Local Honey

This is next on my list to try. I can see the logic behind this remedy, but I’m not a big honey fan so have held off for a while. I’m now ready to try anything! Unfortunately, it looks like I should have started having a spoonful of honey a day before the pollen season started (ref: Telegraph article).

A Chamomile Tea Compress

This looks like a lovely relief to hay fever, rather than a remedy. I found it over on the Good to know site here. You submerge a chamomile tea bag in hot water and then squeeze out the excess water and refrigerate. Once chilled, you’ve got teabag compresses. <Off to buy some chamomile teabags now…>


Another suggestion from the Good to Know site. It works in the same way as the Hay Max and needs to be applied before you leave the house. Might feel a bit greasy on the nose, but sounds like it could be worth a try.

*** I’d love to know your remedies for hay fever too ***

*** Please comment below with any suggestions ***


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