Nature’s Day – a perfect excuse to get outside!

Recently, we were kindly sent a copy of this gorgeous book to review.


Nature’s Day written by Kay Maguire and illustrated by Danielle Kroll looks at the natural world around us through the different seasons.

The illustrations are soft and beautiful – they were so appealing to my son.


Each page focuses on a different element of nature in a particular season.

And to accompany the illustrations, you’ll find enchanting prose…

As the sky turns dark and

streetlights click on, look

up for the silhouettes of

fluttering moths drawn by

their bright glow.”

The language throughout the book is captivating,

It encouraged lots of discussion between my son and I about what was being described.

It also encouraged us to go outdoors.

We started off in the garden…

DSC_0538But quickly decided to go on an adventure to discover the nature on our doorstep in summer.

Before we went we looked through the book and read all about how the farmers get hay in the summer.

Amazingly, as we climbed up on to the bright fields, from the damp and dark footpath, we saw those farmers hard at work!



We were able to connect the illustrations in the book of summer in the fields, to real life.

My son was pretty impressed!


We managed to find many a ‘fruit-laden bough‘ too…

DSC_0548 DSC_0552

Next time we go, we’ll be taking the book with us to try and spot as many things as we can!

It’ll be great to do this all year round too so we can talk about contrasts and opposites.

So thank you Nature’s Day for a delightful book and a wonderful afternoon of exploration!


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