Getting hands on with the Mimijumi bottle!

My youngest is coming up to 7 months and is still exclusively breast-fed.

I love feeding him and he took to it so easily that I haven’t bothered with bottles.

There have been a few times though when it would have been handy for him to have some expressed milk from a bottle.

So when Mimijumi offered us one of theirs to review, it sounded like a great solution!


It’s designed to look and feel like a breast – and it was so funny seeing my son’s reaction to it!

He cradled it and loves playing with it.

And although he is not playing ball by drinking from it yet, it is the most breast-like bottle out there for him.

On a practical note, I like that it is easy to clean and has minimal parts.

So we’re going to persevere with the Mimijumi because I think if I’m going to get him to accept milk from a bottle, it’ll be from this one!

*** Thank you to Mimijumi for sending us this bottle to review. ***

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