Top Tips for Starting School in September

My eldest son is starting school in a couple of weeks.


His uniform is waiting patiently in his wardrobe

and we’ve been practising different things to get him ready.

Here is our list of the top things to get little ones ready for school…

  1. Practise taking off clothes and folding them ready for PE. They probably won’t get fully changed for PE for a little while, but it’s good to get them in the habit of taking off their clothes carefully and putting them on their chair/neat pile on the floor. We’ve been working on not having everything inside out strewn on the floor!
  2. Choosing food from a menu. With the free school dinners for EYFS and Key Stage 1, lots of children starting school now will have a school dinner. There will be an element of choice so it’s good to practise choosing the food they’d like. This could be done in a cafe or at home. My son’s school provide a three week rolling menu so lots of the choosing can be done before each day.
  3. Doing up their coats. Being able to put on their coats and so them up is really handy! We’ve got a zip and velcro combination coat so we don’t need to worry about pesky buttons.
  4. Taking turns and waiting. Playing games that involve taking turns and waiting would be helpful. They may not be used to having to wait for a response. We love the GALT and Orchard Toys games in this house – they are perfect for practising this. Our favourites at the moment are ‘While the Cat’s Away…’ and ‘Spotty Dogs’.
  5. Asking. This could be asking to go the toilet, or just being brave enough to ask the Teacher or TA something. We’ve been practising this by getting our son to ask for things when we’re out and about – e.g. let the icecream seller know which flavour they’d like.
  6. Sitting nicely. When my son tried on his uniform yesterday, he then wanted to play ‘schools’. This was a great opportunity to practise sitting nicely. We pretended to do the register and then find a book to look through. We then had fun ‘lining up’ to go outside. He has lots of fun!
  7. Washing hands. We’ve been working on getting him to wash his hands without being reminded!

What would you add to the list?


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