Ready for winter? We are with our BundleBean!

The cold and wet weather (which I love BTW!) is coming.

So I got the eldest’s footmuff out of the loft ready for his younger brother.

But there was a problem.

In the summer I bought a gorgeous black sheepskin liner from The Little Green Sheep.

It’s a year round liner and looks so comfy I didn’t want to remove it from the pushchair.

The footmuff wouldn’t fit with it though.

Back to the drawing board.

That’s when I found about about the BundleBean Go.



This ingenious little pushchair blanket has been perfect!

Soft fleece on one side, and a waterproof cover the other.

It’s kept my little one snuggly and warm.

He giggles as I strap it on and grabs it up to his mouth for a quick nibble!

The strap is just one of the clever design features.


I attach it right round the back of the buggy seat, but you can attach it to each side using the Velcro.

The other feature I really like, is the zips. At first I didn’t understand what they were for, but when you pull them it ruches the bottom making a lovely little foot pouch!


Very clever.

And…it can be used as a sling or carrier cover.

So clever!

The BundleBean Go is available here for £29.99 in a range of patterns.

*I was kindly sent the BundleBean Go in the red star pattern to review*


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