Can I play on my tablet?!


“Can I play on my tablet?”

Was the question I was asked as I opened my eyes this morning.

“Not right now”

“When then? In a minute?”

“Not before school”


The conversation went on in this vein for a fair few minutes. We’ve had the same conversation every morning this week!

My eldest loves his tablet computer.

I love it too.

We’ve uploaded story books and letter and number games,

Along with some games just for fun!

He loves snuggling up on the sofa and reading a story or having a story read to him whilst I’m making tea.

But we’ve decided, not before school!

It was starting to take over.

I could see him turning in to a teenager before my eyes and he’s only 4!

The message is starting to sink in now.

A little time after school and at the weekends.

We’ve rationed his tablet time.

And I’m so pleased we have.

Now in the morning before school he has been playing with his Lego, colouring in pictures, doing some dot-to-dots (yes we get up very early!), but he is fully engaging with me rather than being drawn into the small rectangular screen in front of him.

Have you had to ration computer time?

And have you noticed a change?


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