With a little help from ERIC and Rodger

My eldest started school in September.

As a summer born, I was worried about him being so young.

One of my main worries was whether he’d be OK using the school toilets.

He was fine using them at home and when we were out and about.

But I would often remind him and I wouldn’t be there at school!

The first few weeks were fine, but then he started to have a few accidents.

He’s only 4 so I wasn’t too worried, but I didn’t want him to get anxious about it.

It turned out that he was having so much fun in class, that he’d forget to go until it was too late.

I tried getting him to remember to use the toilet at the same time everyday…but he’d forget.

I tried asking the teacher to remind him, and it worked initially.

But teachers are busy people and remembering to remind my son to use the toilet got forgotten during the day.

So I turned to ERIC for help.

Created by the Children’s Society back in 1988, ERIC is the only charity dedicated to supporting children with continence difficulties.

What I found out from their site was very interesting:

Daytime wetting affects 1 in 75 children aged 5 and above.


for most children who experience daytime wetting, there is no serious underlying disorder.

In addition to lots of advice and information on the site, ERIC also has a shop.

And it was here that I noticed Rodger…


This watch looked like the perfect way to give my son a gentle reminder to use the toilet after lunch.

The lovely people at Eric kindly sent my son a Rodger watch to trial.


We’ll we’ve had it a week and we love it!

It’s easy to program (I managed to understand the instructions and set it up myself!) and the strap is nice and soft.

It’s also not very heavy which is great for little wrists!

You can add 8 different alarms and choose whether you want them to beep and/or vibrate.

We only need the one alarm, but it’s handy having so many options.

We’ve gone for the beep and vibrate – but the vibrate only option is perfect for a more discreet reminder.

Since wearing the watch there have been no accidents at school!

I’m more relaxed about it all, and importantly so is my son.

His teachers have commented on how well the watch works too.

I can’t recommend this watch more highly!

To find out more about ERIC and how they might be able to help someone in your family, head over to their site here.


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