Keeping our birds happy with Ivel Valley Wild Bird Food

We have a lovely enclosed garden and, since our beloved cat died a few years ago, it is safe for birds to potter around and feed!

My boys love watching the birds from our back room so when I saw that Ivel Valley were looking for people to try out their wild bird food, I got in touch.

A couple of weeks later, a very big, very exciting delivery arrived.

My eldest got to investigating straight away.

He was amazed to see that some of the food included real bugs 😃

We were kindly sent the Ready Peck 5 a Day Ground and Table Mix, Suet Apple Pellets, and some Insect and Mealworm Nuggets!

The boys quickly got to work…


This is our morning routine now.

My biggest boy quickly got the hang of sprinkling the food around the garden…

My littlest is great at carefully scooping up the food, carefully carrying it over to the side…and dumping it in one big pile!

The wood pigeons don’t seem to mind how their food is being delivered though!

Feeding the birds has really piqued their interest in the birds that visit our garden.

So I made a quick guide to stick to the doors:


So far, these are the ten types of birds we’ve spotted visiting our garden.

But we’re always on the look out for any new visitors!

Check out the amazing range of products available from Ivel Valley on their site here.

Our birds are very happy and would give them a 5 star rating!

5 stars


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