Our Staycation in Wonderful Woolacombe


We racked up nearly 700 miles in the car and had a brilliant staycation in Devon last week.

I was a bit worried about the long drive…especially as I’m the only driver.

But with plenty of planned breaks, it was fine!

Devon is full of so many wonderful holiday locations, so we had plenty of places to choose between.

After much discussion, we picked Woolacombe.

I was particularly keen on this part of Devon as I’d been to Ilfracombe to do my GCSE Geography coursework a fair few years ago!

Well Ilfracombe and Woolacombe have stolen a piece of our hearts – we loved it there.

Day One

After staying the night in Winchester, we then stopped for lunch in Tiverton on day one of our holiday.

This meant we didn’t have too long a drive in one go.

By 3pm we were pulling in to Woolacombe Bay Holiday Park ready to start our staycation.

The boys loved our Gold Caravan and quickly acclimatised to their new surroundings.

The facilities at the holiday park were amazing.

We had…

a pottery painting cafe



indoor and outdoor pools

water slides

water zorbing balls

climbing wall

bungee trampolinig

crazy golf


bar and restaurant

children’s playground



football pitch

tennis courts

Phew! I think that covers everything.

And that was just on our site.

We could use the facilities at any of the other three parks in the group – and travel between them in their own double decker bus!

Day Two

We headed to the indoor pool and had great fun in and around the pirate ship.

The boys were particularly excited when the water jets suddenly came on!

To calm ourselves down after all the excitement we took the opportunity to do some pottery painting.


My husband’s exploration of the site, led to the disovery of an easy walk down in to Woolacombe.

We attempted to make friends with the local sheep…


Woolacombe beach is a huge sandy expanse, which meant there was room for everyone without it feeling cramped.

If you wanted to try out the surfing or body boarding you could hire everything you needed beach side.

The town had everything you’d need too, plenty of cafes and restaurants and shops to spend your holiday money on (or to buy the socks you forgot to buy so your eldest could use the soft play!).

Day Three

On day three, we decided to leave the holiday park, and head to one of the many local attractions.

Today was the turn of Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park.

Our eldest was so excited about the dinosaurs.

He must have checked twenty times that the dinosaurs weren’t going to be real 😀

The park is fabulous…and a great work out!

We loved exploring the forested area filled with huge dinosaurs.

We finished our visit with the sea lion show – who were very impressive.

On our way home from the park, we stopped off at Ilfracombe.

A very different beach to Woolacombe, but still beautiful.

Instead of sand, we discovered a pebble beach.

On closer inspection though, it wasn’t any old pebble beach.

Amongst the grey pebbles we found an array of ‘gems’!

DSC_2223 (1)

Day Four

Another day off site today.

The rain came down quite heavily, so we decided to head to one of the local indoor attractions…The Milky Way.

It was the perfect destination for the day and the boys were in their element running around the huge indoor space.

Had the weather brightened, there were also lots of outdoor things to do too…but it was too wet for us (we’ll just have to come back another time!).

The indoor play area was a huge hit with our eldest.

Our youngest wanted to go in with his big brother…but was just too small, so I was relieved (and impressed) with the toddler section just round the corner.

The indoor sandpit and tractor ride on zone cheered him up no end.

The train ride was a fab way to end our visit – our carriage kept us dry and we had fun working out which of the animals in the fields were real!

The day was still young, so we left The Milky Way and drove over to the Golden Coast park to do some EX34 sports (!), a spot of bowling and a meal in the on site pub The Old Mill.

  Watching the water zorbing was hilarious!

Our eldest had so much fun in his 5 minute slot.

It’s a great way to use up some spare energy!

You can purchase a Sports Pass for the activities like the water zorbing, climbing walls, bungee trampolining and high ropes.

This makes it easy to take part in the activities as you’re not scrambling around for change all the time!

The bowling alley is another great facility on offer as part of Woolacombe Bay holidays.

Our hour slot was the perfect amount of time to have a great game and our youngest even managed a spare!

Squeezing a bit more in to our day, we popped over to The Old Mill for dinner.

The food arrived quickly and was very tasty!

The outdoor play area was great too – perfect to keep little ones entertained both before and after eating.

Day Five

After all the excitement of the previous day, we had a quiet one today.

We spent the morning in the pool and then whilst our youngest napped, my husband took our eldest to watch Ice Age: Collision Course at the fabulous cinema on site.

The cinema is such a fab addition to the park – with four showings a day and lots of recent releases it is a great way to spend a rainy day, or just a lovely evening activity.

Full of popcorn and excitement about the film he’d just watched, our eldest regailed us with tales about it whilst we walked down to Woolacombe for the afternoon.

We had fun building sandcastles and exploring the rock pools.

Day Six

We were out and about again today.

Our desination was The Big Sheep

and we had such a great day!

There was just so much to see and do at The Big Sheep!

We got to feed lambs, watch duck trials (which were brilliant!), bounce on huge pillows and ‘drive’ a train.

I’d like to make a special mention about Alex how was the driver for our tractor ride.

He was wonderful!

He made the tractor ride that much more enjoyable with his commentry and interaction…even if he was encourging the lamas to spit 😉

All the staff here were particularly good though – totally in the spirit of the attraction.

Once back at our holiday park, our daredevil son had a go at the bungee trampolines…


Yep, those are his feet high above the Devon countryside!

Day Seven

The last day of our holiday had arrived…and the sun was shining brightly.

We filled it with a trip to Ilfracombe, and ventured in to the tunnels to reach the secluded beaches.

To finish the day, we had a family game of crazy golf back at the site.

Where else can you play crazy golf with views like this?

Thank you for a wonderful staycation Devon.


We will most definitely come again!

* * *

We’d like to say thank you to Woolacombe Bay for inviting us to try out the pottery painting, EX34 sports activities, bowling, the cinema and a meal at The Old Mill.

They also organised review trips to Combe Martin Wildlife & Dinosaur Park, The Big Sheep and The Milky Way.



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