A Glorious Summer in Kent: Leeds Castle

After a fab week away in Devon, we kicked off the rest of our summer holidays with not one, but two trips to Leeds Castle.

A 30 minute car journey brings us here…

It is just so beautiful!

For £1 you can pick up a pot of bird food which means to the geese, ducks and other birds you’ll be their favourite person for about 30 seconds!


Follow the winding main path, or step off to the right and explore the ‘giant plants’ (as my eldest describes them) or to the left over the little bridges to see what you’ll discover.

The Whistle Stop cafe was open during our visits and, on Friday, despite it being 10:30am it was most definitely time for ice-cream.


Keep following the path through the gardens…


or take the ferry across the lake, and you’ll find yourself in a children’s paradise…there’s a maze, a tree that seems to be always teeming with children and the adventure playgrounds.

This is also the area for the falcon display.

If you didn’t pick up refreshments at the Whistle Stop or the main food area, don’t worry. You can get everything you need here too.

On our second visit today, we treated ourselves to the ferry ride back.


My boys loved it!

A top tip (thanks Charlie 😉) is to take some paper and crayons with you so you can complete the brass rubbings trail.

A great bonus with Leeds Castle, is that your ticket is an annual one.

So you pay once, and can then revisit as many times as you like for 12 months.

For us, this makes it great value for money.

* * *

Leeds Castle invited us to visit as part of our Glorious Summer in Kent feature.

As you can see we had a wonderful time!



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