Fresh Air and Fun at Reculver

When we heard that a new play area had opened at Reculver Country Park we decided a visit was in order!

And it didn’t disappoint…



These photos shows just a part of the play area.

There is more equipment to play on which kept our 19 month old and 5 year old very happy.

The Visitor’s Centre is also worth a visit.

Stop off for a drink and a snack, have a look in the gift shop, and find out about the area.

My eldest loved this game where you try and catch your prey…


We stopped at the local King Ethelbert pub for lunch, where the service was friendly and quick (a real bonus with an 18 month old!). The food was great too.

After that, we went for a walk along the cliff…making sure we stayed to the path 🙂


It was a great day out, and if you took a picnic it would be a super cheap day out…

40p for two hours at the car park or £1 to stay all day!


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