The Magic of Bedtime Stories

A few weeks ago we were invited to watch Upswing’s Bedtime Stories at the Gulbenkian in Canterbury.

We’d seen the promotional video…

Bedtime Stories by Upswing – Trailer from Circus City on Vimeo.

…so knew a bit about the production but nothing could have prepared us for the magic of stepping in to an auditorium faced with beds and beanbags and duvets all around the performance area.

Immediately my son and I felt relaxed and I started to wonder whether we should have come in our pyjamas to truly immerse ourselves in the experience 😉

Every child (and adult) smiled as they chose their ‘seating’ for the show and the buzz of excitement was wonderful.

The show itself was brilliant – it held the attention of an age range of 2yr olds to grownups!

Focusing on the bedtime routine of a little girl and her mum, we were quickly drawn in to the story.

I don’t want to spoil the show so won’t tell you any more but just want to say that if you get a chance to see this – or a future production by Upswing, then you must! The story, the acrobatics and the dance were all wonderful.

What particularly struck a cord with me though, was the message at the end about making time for bedtime stories.

My boys love stories- bedtime ones are particularly special. But it’s easy to rush them…or sigh internally when a long story is chosen after a tiring day. Upswing’s ‘Bedtime Stories’ reminded me to cherish these times at the end of each day.

There will come a time when my boys don’t want them anymore 😔

But for now, that day is a long way off and I’ve got lots of nights of magical stories ahead 😊


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